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An Inflatable Tabletop Cooler to keep your cold food cold

When serving food at a party one question many people have is how to keep cold food cold. Some people rent an ice table and in a pevious post we talked about buying an inflatable kiddie pool and filling it with ice.

Recently we came across a new product called French’s Tabletop Cooler. It’s relatively inexpensive and if you throw a lot of parties it’s a great investment because it can be used over and over and it stores away very easily. Made with heavy duty plastic, this inflatable cooler is 30″ wide by 72″ long. It’s designed with inflatable sides and a unique 1” air-insulated base. 

To use the cooler just inflate it, place it on a 6 foot banquet table, fill it with several bags of ice, and place the food containers into the ice. The cooler can be covered with a plastic or cloth tablecloth when food is not being served to keep the bugs out & the cold in.  The cooler can also be used as a beverage table. For best results, the manufacturer recommends keeping it in a shaded area away from direct sunlight.

For more information and to order this cooler just go to www.frenchstabletopcooler.com.

French's Tabletop Cooler

French's Tabletop Cooler - click here for more info

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