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Graduation Mix CD – a unique & personal gift

Are you looking for a unique graduation gift but have a limited budget or have A LOT of graduation gifts to give? Or do you just want a little “something personal” to go along with a gift of cash or a check? Then a thoughtfully created Graduation Mix CD might be the gift you’re looking for.

Burn your own Graduation Mix CD by using songs your grad loves to listen to or use a selection of songs from their favorite artists. Or do something a little different and choose a selection of graduation themed songs from familiar artists. Check out the post published earlier entitled “Songs to use for graduation” for a list of popular graduation themed songs. 

Songs are copyrighted so remember to use purchased versions – buy the CD or purchase the song from a reputable online website like iTunes, Napster or Rhapsody.

Once you’ve burned your CD create a fun CD label and jewel case label for it. You can choose a design and add your own text and/or photo. There are many computer software packages that can help you do this. Or buy a CD label kit and use the software or templates that come with it. Software and kits are available from computer stores like Best Buy or office supply stores like Office Max or Office Depot. Or go to an online retailer like Amazon. Just search on “CD label kit” or “CD label software”.

The CD Stomper starter kit (available from Amazon) is a good product to start with. It comes with the applicator (stomper), software, and a small number of CD labels, jewel case labels and spine labels. If you need more labels you can purchase a refill pack which should be available at the same place you buy your kit.

CD Label Kit

CD Label Kit - click here to search for more label kits

Instead of using a jewel case for your CD and creating labels for it you can buy a personalized CD case.  Online retailers like Shindigz carry them. Just go to the Shindigz website and search on “CD case”. They have a number of different styles. Most styles hold up to 12 CD’s so you can include your Graduation Mix CD and your grad can add other CDs later.

The Silver Metal CD Case can be imprinted with any design and wording you like. Think school mascot or college emblem.

Silver Metal CD Case

Silver Metal CD Case - click here for more styles

The Graduation CD Case comes in several different designs and can be personalized with a special message for your grad(s) 

Graduation CD Case

Graduation CD Case - click here for more styles

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