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Booking a Venue for your Graduation Party

Most people have their graduation party at their home, in their backyard or at a friend’s house but if you’re planning your graduation party at a location where you need to make a reservation then you should book the location as soon as possible. Since most graduations are in May and June not only will you be competing with other graduation parties, you may be competing with weddings as well.

If the weekends you’re looking at are too busy or if the location is already booked then consider having your party during the week on a weeknight. You will have more dates to choose from and you may be able to rent the location at a cheaper price. 

Locations that are great for graduation parties include:

  • City parks – many have pavillions that can be rented at reasonable rates. Call your city office for information. If the park charges an entrance fee try making arrangements with the city/park administration so your guests don’t have to pay. You may also need or want to post “Private Party” signs so other park patrons stay away.
  • Health clubs, country clubs, churches and community activity centers – most have party rooms that are available for rent.
  • Apartment complex party rooms – if you or someone you know lives in an apartment complex that has a party room then look into this for your party. Some charge a fee so make sure you ask.
  • Restaurants – private rooms are sometimes available or if you choose a slow weeknight you may be able to rent the entire restaurant. This is great choice if you want to have a sit down party.
  • Hotels & local resorts – when choosing a hotel or resort consider the other amenities it has for out of town guests who may decide to stay there.  
  • Cul de Sacs – if you live on a cul de sac consider having a “block party” in the cul de sac. This option is even better if you have more than one grad in your neighborhood.
  • Swimming Pools & Bowling Lanes – for a different, activity-filled graduation party check out local swimming pools or bowling lanes. Can you rent the entire place? Most have party rooms where you can serve food and beverages. For a swimming pool party make sure you hire enough lifeguards for the number of guests you’re planning to invite.
  • Boats, Yachts & Charter Cruises – If you live in a water-loving area like Minnesota and for a unique party experience consider renting a charter boat or cruise or a yacht. Just make sure your guests know the time the boat will leave the dock (with or without them!) and the time it will return. You may also be able to have part of your party at the dock (before the boat sets sail or after it returns).

For other location possibilities in your area contact a local caterer or two and ask them for ideas.

When booking a location think about how much time you’ll need. A good length of time for a graduation party is 3 hours. Don’t forget to allow extra time for setup and cleanup.

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