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A Guide to Planning Your Graduation Party

Not sure what to do for your graduation party or even where to start? Not to worry … there’s plenty of help out there!

Start by talking to friends and neighbors who have been through it before. They will have plenty of advice on what worked for them and the things you should try to avoid. There are also books and websites that offer tips, hints and graduation-themed products that will help make your party extra special.

Our book, “Graduation Parties! Everything You Need to Know From Start to Finish”, quickly becomes a favorite with many parents. Written by our very own Ginger Venable and Mary J. Anderson, this book includes ideas that will help you create a fun and memorable party AND will save you money when it comes to menu planning, decorating, invitations, etc.

Although small (it’s only 100 pages), this book is FULL of helpful to-do lists, budgets, schedules, unique ideas, and many other tips and hints. Here’s a detailed list of topics that are covered:

  • picking a party date & time
  • picking a location for your party
  • graduation party themes
  • invitations – formal, casual, print your own, etc.
  • out of town guests
  • invitation checklist
  • planning entertainment & activities for your party
  • paying tribute to the grad
  • decorating – from easy to over the top and from inexpensive to expensive
  • paper stuff like napkins (personalized or not), plates, etc.
  • setting up a gift table or card table
  • planning the menu – do-it-yourself or cater, themes, etc.
  • party/menu ideas for a tight budget
  • beverages
  • “Food Formula” – so you know how much food to plan for
  • asking for help – no matter what you think you can’t do it all yourself!
  • hiring a caterer … or not
  • grad party examples
  • graduation gift ideas
  • thank you notes
  • college graduation parties … they’re a little different than high school graduation parties
  • hints from a rental company
  • prom parties
  • graduation lock-in parties
  • graduation party budget
  • graduation party planning schedule

“Graduation Parties! Everything You Need to Know From Start to Finish” can be purchased from our website, graduationparty.com. It comes in paperback OR you can download a PDF version.

Here’s an excerpt from the Introduction …

Graduation Parties! Everything You Need to Know

Graduation Parties! Everything You Need to Know from Start to Finish

Congratulations! Graduation is an important milestone in life and the perfect opportunity to celebrate.

Graduation Parties! Everything You Need to Know From Start to Finish will answer all of your graduation party questions, including where and when to have your party, how many invitations to order, and what type of food to serve. It will provide unique gift ideas, fun suggestions for paying tribute to the graduate and exciting extras to make this occasion a very memorable experience.

Input for this guide was received from hundreds of parents, party planners, caterers, rental companies and graduates. It is our goal to offer you the best options and advice we have pulled together for planning a graduation party. We provide tons of ideas, but never expect anyone to do it all. So do what you do best and what the graduate wants. Our goal is to inspire you to be creative and imaginative.

Do What You Do Best!

Think about what you do well. If you and your graduate really like entertainment, focus on that. People will remember a live band more than your potato salad. If cooking is your forte, concentrate on a menu that includes some memorable items. If decorating and fun games turn you on, go for it! Focus on what feels right for you and your graduate.

Graduation Open House

There never seems to be enough time to plan. But you don’t need to worry. This book is going to help you get started, make your life easier and help you plan a special party for your graduate. We hope to prevent you from getting to that panic stage (and avoid the mistakes some of us have made.) Remember you got through potty training unscathed. You can do this!

Most of the information found in the book is also on our website, graduationparty.com. However, many people like to have a printed copy so they can read it at their leisure and make notes.

If you decide to get this book, please come back and leave a comment telling everyone what you thought.

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