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Graduation Banners

Graduation Banners are a great way to honor your grad or group of grads or to honor a graduating class.

There are personalized banners, one photo banners, multiple photo banners, horizontal banners, vertical banners, photo standees, posters and wall graphics.

Go to GraduationParty.com’s Banners webpage to see some examples of styles, sizes and prices. More than 50 different styles with up to 1-10 sizes for each style are available. Traditional banner sizes range from 18″ x 54″ (1.5 feet high x 4.5 feet long) to 72″ x 216″ (6 feet high x 18 feet long) and prices start as low as $14.79. 

Graduation banners can be personalized and customized a number of ways – by adding your own text, by using your own photo(s) and, in some cases, by picking your own colors.

You can hang your graduation banner outside or inside. If you want to hang it outside, look for strong, weather resistant banners that can withstand wind and rain.

If you’re having a joint party with two or more grads then consider having a banner for each grad or, for a more economical option, have one banner for all the grads. Simply include all their names and, if it’s a photo banner, use a group photo. Or you can choose a multiple photo banner and include individual pictures of each grad.

Here are a few examples of the banners offered through GraduationParty.com:

Graduation Banner for Graduating Class

Graduation Banner for Graduating Class - click here for more Graduation Banners

Graduation Banner

Graduation Banner - click here for more Graduation Banners

Graduation Banner with Photo

Graduation Banner with Photo - click here for more Graduation Banners

Vertical Graduation Banner

Vertical Graduation Banner - click here for more Graduation Banners

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