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Graduation Party "Save the Date" Cards

Graduation “Save the Date” cards are growing in popularity. Most people send them out to family and friends to let them know the date of the upcoming party. “Save the Date” cards can be sent as soon as you are sure about the date and time of your party. Graduation invitations are sent later, closer to the party, when you have all the details finalized.

The purpose of “Save the Date” cards is to let people reserve the date and time for your party so they don’t make other plans for the same time. They’re very important for people who live out of town and who may need to make travel arrangements such as booking flights, reserving hotels, reserving a car, etc. The sooner you give these folks a date the better since they may want to take advantage of travel sales or air miles.

If you’re having a large graduation party or an open house you don’t need to send Save the Date cards to everyone on your guest list. For larger celebrations most people just send them to family, close friends and out of town guests. But if you’re having a smaller get together or a sit down meal then you may want to send them to everyone on your list.

Fridge magnets are a very popular form of Graduation Save the Date cards. GraduationParty.cceasy.com has a few different styles to choose from. Just go to the website and do a search on “save the date card” or “save the date magnet”. For each style, you can change the verse or text, font style and font color. You can even request a sample if you like and they’re all available in smaller quantities such as 25. Photo Save the Date cards are also popular. They have room for one or more photos.

For a less expensive option you can design and print your own Save the Date cards. Buy blank Graduation Flat Cards (5.5″ x 7.75″) or 2-Up cards (5.5″ x 8.5″) from GraduationParty.com or you may be able to find them locally. Print the cards on your home computer and printer or bring your computer file and blank cards to your local office supply store (eg: Fedex Office, Office Depot, Office Max, etc) and have them print the cards for you. Make sure they print one test card first so you can see what the card will look like before they print the whole quantity.

Graduation Save the Date Cards

Graduation Save the Date Card - click here for more Save the Date Cards

Graduation Save the Date Magnet

Graduation Save the Date Magnet - click here for more Save the Date Magnets

Blank Graduation Cards - click here for more cards

Blank Graduation Cards - click here for more cards

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