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Photo Graduation Invitations

Many people include photos of their grad on their graduation invitations. You can find photo Open House cards, photo Save the Date cards, casual photo Invitations, formal photo Invitations, and even photo Thank You Cards.

For the photo you can use the grad’s formal graduation photo, a formal senior year photo or a more casual photo. If the invitation has room for more than one photo then you can use any combination of photos including photos from when the grad was younger (as a toddler or in kindergarten).

There’s no right or wrong answer as to which photo(s) you should include. Whatever you pick is perfectly fine. Just make sure you check with your grad so they’re happy with the photos you use.

The best way to print photo graduation invitations is through a reputable printer. The quality of the photo and the quality of the paper will be the best. GraduationParty.cceasy.com and Pear Tree Greetings are two great online printing companies. They both have a wide variety of styles and within each style there is a wide variety of verses and text options, font styles and font colors. At GraduationParty.cceasy.com you can even order a sample invitation first so you can see and feel your invitation before you buy the whole quantity.

Another option is to use an online photo processor such as Snapfish. They will produce a high quality graduation invitation on photo paper or card stock (depending on which card option you choose). With Snapfish you will need to provide the verse or text but you should be able to choose from several different font styles and font colors.

Finally, you can always design and print your own photo invitations. With this option you have two choices. You can take your design (your computer file on a CD or flash drive) and bring it to your local office supply store (eg: Fedex Office, Office Depot or Office Max) and have them print your card for you. They have high quality printers so the quality of your invitation should be very good. Just make sure you ask them for a test invitation first so you can see what your invitation will look like before they run the whole batch. Also, make sure you pick a higher quality paper. The higher the paper quality the more professional your invitations will be.

The second choice is to print the photo invitations yourself. Just make sure you have a good quality printer and that you have plenty of ink cartidges on hand. Printing photos uses lots of ink so beware of this before you start. Also use good quality paper. A high bond paper, card stock or photo paper is best. Print a test invitation first to make sure everything lines up and that you’re happy with your invitation before you print them all. And don’t forget to check for spelling errors! When you’re ready to print your invitations load a few pages of specialty paper at a time. Some printers tend to jam if they are loaded with large quantities of thicker paper.

Photo Graduation Invitations

Photo Graduation Invitation - click here for more photo invitations

Photo Save the Date Magnet

Photo Save the Date Magnet - click here for more photo Save the Date Cards

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