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Blank Graduation Open House Cards

Another popular choice for graduation invitations is Open House Invitations. While you can order imprinted Open House Cards from an online printer such as GraduationParty.cceasy.com a more economical option is to order blank Open House Cards and fill in the details yourself. It’s a little more work but the cost savings may be worth it.

The purpose of Graduation Open House Cards is to invite friends and family to your Open House celebration. They’re a little more casual than Graduation Invitations because they don’t actually “annouce” the graduation but some people prefer a more casual approach.

You can use your home computer & printer to print the details on the cards but it will take some time, work and patience to make sure each card is lined up correctly before it’s fed through your printer. If you go this route make sure you have lots of extra blank cards to allow for any cards that don’t line up or print corrrectly.

Most people fill in blank Open House Cards by hand. It may take more time to do this but if you’re having a small celebration or if you can recruit some help to write the cards then it may be worth it. Some people prefer hand writing the cards because they think it’s more personal.

GraduationParty.com offers a great selection of Graduation Open House Cards (all cards come with matching envelopes). Here’s an example:

Graduation Open House Cards - click here for more open house cards

Graduation Open House Cards - click here for more open house cards

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