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Displaying Pictures at your Graduation Party

Displaying pictures at your Graduation Party is the number one thing to do. School pictures, senior year pictures, childhood pictures, graduation pictures, family pictures, team pictures, any kind of pictures. The more pictures the better!

Displaying pictures gives people something to do and something to talk about. It brings back memories and allows people to reminisce.

There are many, many ways to display all the pictures you’ve accumulated over the years.

Traditional scrapbooks are very popular. These can be very, very fancy or very simple depending on your scrapbooking skills and how much time you have or want to put into it. Scrapbooks are nice because they last forever and are something you can start well in advance of your party. If you’re already a scrapbooker then you probably have your favorite place to go for supplies. If you’re just a beginner then a great way to get started is to buy scrapbook page packs at your local scrapbooking store. These are prepackaged scrapbook supplies that include themed scrapbook paper and embellishments. Scrapbooking supplies are also available online at GraduationParty.com.

Digital photo books are a great alternative for people who don’t like to scrapbook or who don’t have the time. There are many online photo stores that offer a variety of photo books. Most online photo labs offer different sizes and lots of different styles. You can create one large digital photo book (some photo books have up to 80-100 pages) or you can create several smaller digital photo books that are organized by theme (eg: childhood pictures, high school pictures, sports pictures, graduation pictures, etc). One nice thing about digital photo books is that you can easily create multiple copies simply by ordering the number you need. One for the grad and one for Mom & Dad maybe? Or how about one for Grandma & Grandpa? If you don’t have a lot of digital photos you can always scan in your regular photos. If you don’t have a scanner or don’t want to do this yourself (it can be time consuming) you can take your photos to a local photo processing store for scanning. Like traditional scrapbooks, digital photo books will last forever.

Poster Boards filled with pictures are very popular at graduation parties. Although a little more expensive, tri-fold presentation boards are good to use because they’re bigger and stand easily. Or you can use something a little more decorative like these graduation poster boards from GraduationParty.com. Some people make one or more poster boards filled with a variety of pictures while other people make multiple poster boards organized in some way – childhood & family pictures on one, school pictures on another, team or club pictures on another and so on.

Framed Pictures. Find those few “special” photos and frame them if you haven’t already. The most obvious photo to display this way is a graduation photo but others could include school pictures, award ceremony pictures or team photos.

Photostory on a DVD. Some people create a photostory on a DVD and play it on their TV during the party. You will need a lot of digital photos to do this – at least 100. 200-300 is best. If you don’t have digital photos you can scan in regular photos to create digital photos or you can bring your regular photos to a professional photo processing store for them to scan.  You can make your own photostory on a DVD if you have a computer with a DVD burner and the right DVD making software. Just give yourself lots of time to do this since it can be time consuming. If you can’t or don’t want to do this yourself maybe you can ask a computer-savvy friend to do it for you? There are also professional businesses that offer this service so check your local yellow pages. They may be able to scan your photos too if you need this done. Photostory DVD’s make wonderful keepsakes. If you have a relative or special friend who can’t make the party you could always send them a DVD to let them know you were thinking about them. Once the first DVD is made, copies are fairly inexpensive. Check out GraduationParty.com for more information on online services and DVD creation software.

Pictures on the tables. A really cool way to display photos is to put them under clear tablecloths on the tables set up for your party. First, cover the tables with a colorful tablecloth. Your school or college colors are great choices. You can get disposable tablecloths in a variety of colors through GraduationParty.com or at your local party store. Next, lay out the photos you want to display. A variety of childhood, school, team and graduation photos is always fun. The more photos the better. Just lay them out in a haphazard way, even overlapping them. Then lay down a clear table cloth over the pictures and the colored table cloth. Not only does this idea display your photos in a unique and fun way but it also creates great conversation starters and adds to the graduation decor.

For more ideas on displaying photos at your graduation party go to GraduationParty.com’s Paying Tribute to your Grad webpage.

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