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Graduation Invitations

There are almost as many different styles of Graduation Invitations as there are graduation parties, especially when you consider all the choices for invitation design, color, verse or text, font style, print color, photo vs no photo, etc, etc. What you ultimately decide upon will depend on your likes and dislikes, what type of party you’re throwing and what your budget is.

Traditional graduation invitations are formal, personalized, imprinted invitations. However, many people opt for a more casual invitation. Both are available at local print stores, local card shops or online at a variety of websites. Two of our favorite websites for graduation invitations are Graduation Party’s Carlson Craft website (GraduationParty.cceasy.com) and Pear Tree GreetingsGraduationParty.cceasy.com has a wide variety of traditional graduation invitations while Pear Tree Greetings has lots of fun modern and casual invitations. 

GraduationParty.cceasy.com also lets you order a sample before you place your entire order. So if you find an invitation you like or a few you can’t choose from you can request samples to see what the actual printed invitations will look like. Just make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to do this. 

Formal invitations include a graduation announcement, an invitation, inner and outer envelopes and a name card. While many people like this more traditional approach, many other people choose a less formal option that doesn’t include the graduation announcement and name card. This less formal option is usually less expensive too.

Graduation Announcements are a good choice if you want to let people know your grad has graduated and if you’re not planning a graduation party of any kind.

Photo Invitations are very popular. Many printed photo invitations let you include one or more photos of your grad. Some people include the grad’s graduation picture, some people include a formal “senior year” photo, and some people include a more casual photo of the grad. Whatever you decide is perfectly fine. For invitations that allow more than one photo, some people include a recent photo of the grad and a baby, toddler or kindergarten picture. And some people include a graduation photo and a senior year photo or more recent casual photo.

Printed invitations from a printer are very nice and once you’ve decided what you want your work is done but they can be expensive. Another less expensive option is to buy blank “you print” invitations you design and print yourself. GraduationParty.com offers a number of blank invitations you can choose from including graduation themed invitations or more casual everyday invitations. You can print these on your home computer & printer. Or you can create the text in MS Word or an equivalent software package and bring the blank invitations and your computer file to your local print store (eg: Fedex Kinkos, Office Depot, Office Max, etc). They can print the file on your blank invitations at a reasonable price. Make sure they run a “test” invitation first so you can see and approve it before they print all your invitations. You can include a photo on “you print” invitations too but if it’s color and if you want it printed in color  then this will increase the cost of your invitations. In this case, it may be better for you to go through a print company like Pear Tree Greetings or GraduationParty.cceasy.com. The quality will be better and the cost may be about the same. 

Formal vs Casual. Whether you print your invitations yourself on your home computer or go through a print company you will need to decide if you want formal invitations or more casual invitations. Some people take this opportunity to create a fun invitation unique to their grad and unique to the theme of their party. You can use a newsletter style format or create your own blank card including funny pictures of your grad (with your grad’s approval of course … you don’t want to embarrass them!), funny quotes, etc.

Save the Date Cards. Graduation is a very busy time of the year. Some people send out save the date cards early so people know when to expect the graduation party. The actual invitation is sent later, closer to the party date. Save the date cards are especially helpful for out of town guests who may need to make travel arrangements to come to the party but they’re not necessary for your grad’s high school friends. A popular choice for save the date cards are save the date magnet cards. They make wonderful keepsakes!

Matching Thank You Cards. When looking for invitations think about thank you cards at the same time. It is customary (and expected) for grads to send thank you cards to anyone who gives a gift upon graduation, at the party or not. Some people like to order thank you cards that match their invitations. 

Some nice touches to your invitations include graduation envelope seals, personalized return address labels, photo stamps, and photo confetti. Check out GraduationParty.com for these little “extras”.

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