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Graduation Posters – An alternative to poster boards

Collage Poster

Collage Poster

For high school and college graduation parties many people create and display graduation poster boards or tri-fold boards filled with pictures of the grad and his or her family and friends.

Instead of creating a poster board why not create a poster – a single photo poster or a collage poster. These are especially good options if you have a lot of digital photos and not a lot of time. Most online photo processors offer posters and many local photo labs do too.

Multiple poster sizes are available from 11″x14″, 12″x18″, 16″x20″, 20″x30″ and up. Prices are fairly reasonable especially when you consider the cost (and time) involved in creating a poster board – the cost of the poster board itself, printing and/or copying photos, colored mats for the photos and other embellishments.

If you decide to create a poster make sure the quality (ie: resolution) of your photo(s) is very good. The bigger the poster, the better the photo resolution should be. A small photo may appear to be clear but if the resolution is too low the picture on the poster may print grainy especially when it’s enlarged. The lower the resolution and the bigger the poster the grainier the photos on the poster will be.

Single Photo Posters

Single Photo Posters

Most online photo labs will give you a warning if the photo resolution is too low for the poster size you have chosen. If you get a warning like this try selecting another photo or a smaller size poster.

With local photo labs you may be able to bring a printed photo to them and have them scan it in to create the poster. With online photo labs you will have to scan printed photos yourself or bring them somewhere local for scanning. When scanning photos yourself make sure you scan them at the highest resolution possible.

Posters from photo labs are printed on a durable but flexible paper. If you want something sturdier you can always tape or glue the poster(s) to more sturdy poster board, foamcore board or to a tri-fold board.

Single Photo Posters

For single photo posters, choose the best picture you can find. How about a picture of your grad doing something they love? Or a picture with a group of close friends? If you have trouble choosing from 2 or 3 photos, why not create more than one poster? 

Collage Posters

Collage posters let you include more than one photo on the poster … up to 20 or 30 or more. Collage posters are similar to poster boards because they have multiple photos on them but they’re in a poster format. If most of your photos are digital then this is definitely the way to go! There’s no cutting or pasting, everything is done online!

For some different poster options, go to GraduationParty.com’s Poster webpage. It shows a number of choices including single photo posters and collage posters in multiple sizes and styles.

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