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Graduation Invitations with Multiple Photos

Show different sides of your grad with a variety of photos on their graduation invitations. Include a cute baby picture, their first day of school, a picture with their best friend, a sport or activity photo, a photo of a memorable accomplishment, a photo from their high school years, or any combination of these.

There are no right or wrong pics to use when creating a multiple photo invitation. Just make sure your grad approves of any photos you do choose. A baby picture that’s cute and funny to you may be extremely embarrassing to them. Make sure you show the photos to your grad first or, even better, give them a few to choose from and let them make the final selection. They’ll appreciate being included in the process and you won’t be in big trouble for making the wrong choice 🙂

Most professional printers (online or local) offer a selection of multiple photo invitations you can choose from. Check out the photo invitations at Pear Tree Greetings or these options from GraduationParty.cceasy.com:

Multiple Photo Graduation Invitation

Multiple Photo Graduation Invitation (click here for more graduation invitations)

Multiple Photo Casual Graduation Invitation

Multiple Photo Casual Graduation Invitation (click here for more graduation invitations)

Multiple Photo Save the Date Graduation Magnet

Multiple Photo Save the Date Graduation Magnet (click here for more graduation invitations)

Multiple Photo Graduation Invitation

Multiple Photo Graduation Invitation (click here for more graduation invitations)

“You Print” Graduation Invitations are a great way to include as many photos as you like and you can put them anywhere on the invitation. If you want to include more than two or three photos then use graduation themed letterhead because of its larger size. If you only want to print a couple of photos then you can use smaller graduation flat cards or graduation 2-up cards.

Test your design (and size) on a blank piece of paper before you order the graduation themed paper or card stock to make sure the pictures print clear at the size you have chosen. If the photos are too small for the paper size you’ve picked then look for a larger “You Print” stock. Here are some examples of graduation themed paper that are available from GraduationParty.com:

Graduation Letterhead

Graduation Letterhead (click here for more graduation letterhead)

Graduation Flat Card Invitation

Graduation Flat Card Invitation (click here for more Graduation Invitations)

Graduation 2-Up Invitation

Graduation 2-Up Invitation (click here for more graduation 2-up invitations)

Using any photo editing software like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, you can create your own multiple photo picture that you can use for any photo invitation. Use the software to create one photo/one file that is a collage of all the photos you want to use. This option requires some knowledge of the software you’re using and some knowledge of photo editing. If you’re not sure how to do this yourself recruit a friend or your grad to do it for you. When you create the collage make sure you save the file at the highest resolution and biggest size possible. The bigger the size and better the resolution the clearer the printed photo will be. You can use your collage photo for any invitation that includes a photo – from a professional online or local printer or on a “You Print” invitation.

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