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Graduation Water Bottles and Water Bottle Labels

Graduation Water Bottles

Graduation Water Bottles

A unique way to honor your grad is with personalized water bottles. And since water is one of the most popular beverages to serve at a graduation party (or at any party for that matter) you can cover two things on your to do list with one idea – provide water for your party AND honor your grad!

When ordering personalized water bottles you have two choices. You can order water bottles with the personalized labels already applied by the supplier or you can order the labels only and apply them yourself to bottles you buy locally.

Ordering personalized water bottles with the labels already attached is the most convenient way to go. You can place your order, the company will create and print your personalized labels, apply them to their water bottles, and ship them to you. The only thing you have to do is put the bottles in your coolers or fridge prior to your party. The downside of ordering water bottles is that they can be expensive to ship.

Ordering personalized water bottle labels you apply to bottles yourself may be cheaper, especially if your order needs to be shipped to you. When you order the labels you will need to buy bottles locally and apply the labels yourself. This isn’t difficult to do but make sure you leave yourself enough time to do it. You don’t want to be applying these labels an hour before your party starts. It’s a good job to do well before your party and it’s a great job to delegate to a friend or your grad.

Graduation Water Bottles

Personalized Water Bottles with Photo

Whatever you choose to do – buy bottles or buy the labels only – make sure the label is a quality label. Look for labels that are waterproof. This is very important. If the labels are not waterproof then the ink will bleed or run as the ice in your cooler melts or because of condensation. Not only will your label be ruined, but your guests may get ink all over their hands and clothes.

If you are ordering labels to apply yourself make sure you can get bottles the labels will fit. Before ordering the labels get the label size from the supplier, cut out a piece of paper with the same dimensions, and bring the sample to the store where you plan to buy your water. Try the sample on the bottles in the store to make sure they fit vertically and horizontally (around the bottle). 

The best labels for sticking are “peel and stick” labels. These labels have a full sticky back. You simply peel the back off and apply the label to the bottle. If the labels are not peel and stick then they may have glue or an adhesive on one end. Labels like this may fall off easily. Peel and stick labels will not fall off.

Graduation Water Bottles

Graduation Water Bottles on ice

Labels that are printed on a white background can be placed right over existing labels as long as the existing label is smaller in size than your personalized label. Labels that are printed on a clear or see-through background cannot be placed over existing labels. With clear labels, if you are buying bottles to apply the labels yourself  then the existing labels must be removed first. This can be a lot of extra work especially if the existing labels are hard to remove!

If you are able to pick up the bottles from the supplier and avoid shipping costs then compare the cost of buying the water bottles with labels already on them to the cost of buying the labels and water separately and applying the labels yourself. The cost difference may not be that much and you’ll save yourself some work if you don’t have to apply the labels yourself.

GraduationParty.com sells both water bottles and water bottle labels. These labels have all the best qualities – waterproof, full sticky back and printed on a white background. Check out the pre-designed graduation labels. Or contact them to design your own label.

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