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Graduation Cake Pops (& Gluten Free Graduation Cake Pops)

Graduation cakes, graduation cupcakes and now graduation cake pops! The latest trend in graduation desserts.

Graduation Cake Pops

Graduation Cake Pops

Graduation cake pops are fun and very easy to make! They can be made ahead of time and frozen. They freeze REALLY well.

Some people make them from scratch. Just google “cake pop recipes”. But these are a lot of work.

The cake pops in the picture above were made using a Babycakes Cake Pop Maker. These sell for less than $30 and are available online through websites like Amazon or they may be available at your local department store. The Babycakes Cake Pop Maker comes with recipes for different cake flavors, however, the ones in the picture were made using a gluten free chocolate cake mix from Betty Crocker. You could also use a regular cake mix. The gluten free cake mix is nice because it makes a cake that’s a little denser than a regular cake mix which is great for cake pops.

These cake pops were dipped in melted milk chocolate candy wafers and white candy wafers and were decorated with a variety of sprinkles and chopped peanuts. Some were left plain. A fun idea would be to use sprinkles in your school or college colors. You can buy the wafers for melting online at websites like Amazon or at your local craft supply store (like Michael’s). They come in a variety of colors so you may be able to get these in your school colors too. The cake pops were then frozen until the party. If freezing, then they should be removed from the freezer a couple of hours before party time.

Clay flower pots filled with coffee beans were used to hold the cake pops. The flower pots could be decorated with ribbons or painted. How about stenciling or painting the school mascot on them? Or writing words of wisdom or congratulatory messages? The options are endless.

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