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Using Facebook for Invitations

In a recent GraduationParty.com survey, parents said using social media like Facebook to invite people didn’t work very well since lots of guests who confirmed online ended up being no-shows. Of those parents sending invitations using social media, more than 50% were happy with their ability to control who was invited, but less than 40% felt they had a good idea as to how many people would attend.

One mom said that the the people she mailed paper invitations to attended the party. But for the people invited over Facebook, only about 10% showed up.

Another mom said that her older son graduated back in the days of using the US Mail and handing out invitations in school. This time she used Facebook and it was scary since almost 350 people confirmed they were coming! In the end only 60 kids stopped by.

GraduationParty.com recommends using Facebook and other social media websites as a supplement to mailing or handing out fun, attention-getting invitations to the people on your “A-list”. You shouldn’t rely on online invitations  as your main way to invite people, especially those people you really want to come.

For the people on your main list, paper invitations sent through the mail or delivered personally is still the best way to go.

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