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8th Grade Graduation

Graduating from 8th grade is a time for celebration. Your graduate is moving on to high school, which often means kids will be going in different directions.

When Ginger’s son graduated from 8th grade his class went on to six different high schools. This was the last of nine years together as a class. Their ceremony involved looking back to childhood experiences as well as inspiring words about their bright future.

The build up to the graduation ceremony involved several events:

  • A service project
  • Track and field days
  • A field trip
  • A class play

Someone took photographs and video at all of these events so we were treated to a great show at the ceremony.

The Graduation Ceremony

A service was held to honor the grads. Our Principal, one teacher and one student gave speeches. They were very different yet inspiring in their own way.

As you can see from the photo our students do not wear caps and gowns at the 8th grade level. Some schools do.

8th Grade Graduation

8th Grade Graduation

After the Ceremony Celebration!

After the ceremony a group of 7th grade parents served lemonade and cake. They had decorated the cafeteria with jerseys from the six different high schools these kids were attending in the fall. They had placed simple flowers on the dining tables.

Students mingled with their family members and each other. This is my son Charlie with my mother Nancy.

8th Grade Graduation

Charlie & Grandma

All Day Party!

The next day the class met at our local bowling alley for two games and pizza. After bowling they were driven by parents to a lake home where they enjoyed boating and yard games.

8th Grade Graduation Party

8th Grade Graduation Party

Dinner was hoagie sandwiches and chips. After dinner we showed a movie on a large inflatable screen. We were going to show it outside but it started to rain just before we inflated the screen so we moved they show indoors. Selecting the movie involved a very spirited discussion. We wanted something age appropriate and finally settled on Happy Gilmore.

8th Grade Graduation Party

8th Grade Graduation Party

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