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Mexican Fiesta Graduation Party

Hola! I went to a very fun Mexican-themed graduation party on the weekend. It was a joint party for three boys who graduated together. They had many friends in common so instead of having three separate parties they decided to have one bigger party. While the party may have been bigger, the individual cost was smaller because they were able to share all the costs for invitations, food, drinks, and decorations. They were also able to share in the planning and work! 

They had lots of cool Mexican themed-decorations. They used red, yellow & green colors as their color theme. They served Mexican food. And they even had Mexican pinatas for the guests of honor. The only thing missing was a Mexican band!

The invitations were very funny. A template was made at home on their computer. It included pictures of the boys and added Mexican-themed clipart like sombreros and maracas. The front of the card had a picture of the three boys with the heading “Nacho Ordinary Party …”. How funny is that! The inside of the card had details of the party with more pictures. They brought their homemade example to a print shop and had their invitations professionally printed.

The party was held from 4-7 pm on a Sunday evening. Because it was during dinner time, they made sure they had lots of food! 

The food was delicious!! Even though most of the people mingled outside, the food was setup in the kitchen. They had:

  • “Walking tacos”! Have you heard of walking tacos? They are so much fun. The ingredients include: bags of Doritos, Nachos or Corn Chips and all the fixins’ for tacos – ground beef, chicken, rice, shredded cheese, chopped lettuce, chopped tomatoes, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, jalapenos, and anything else you like on your tacos. You just set everything out and let people make their own. To make a walking taco just open a bag of nachos and add the ingredients you want! You can use a fork or not. Some people like to scoop and eat the fixins’ with the chips. Other people like to break the chips up and eat everything in the bag with a fork. If you don’t want to serve Walking Tacos you can always use soft and/or hard shell tacos … although these tend to be a little messier. Keep the warm fixins’ warm in crock pots or chafer pans. Keep the cold fixins’ cold by setting the bowls in larger bowls filled with ice.
  • Nacho chips and cheese. Keep the cheese nice and warm in a crock pot or chafer pan. Some people skip the tacos and make a taco salad by putting the taco fixins’ on the nacho chips.
  • Root beet floats. Buy large tubs of vanilla ice cream and keep the ice cream cold by setting it in a large tup filled with ice. Buy large kegs of root beer at places like Sam’s Club or Costco.
  • Cupcakes decorated in the colors of the colleges the boys are going to. Each of the three grads was going to a different college. So instead of having a cake for each one, cupcakes were served. The cupcakes were decorated with three different color icings – one color for each college. The cupcakes were served on “Sweet Stations” like the one shown on GraduationParty.com’s Table Decorations webpage.
  • Water and pop.

The tribute area was set up in the living room and dining room. Each of the three grads had his own little area that included:

  • Posterboards filled with pictures from the grad’s childhood, school years, family events, and of course graduation.
  • Framed pictures and newspaper articles from special events.
  • Spirit Wear from the college the grad would be attending – hat, t-shirt, sweatshirt.
  • Card box or card basket

There were lots of fun decorations that added to the Mexican theme:

  • As guests arrived they were greeted and given mardi gras beads to wear.
  • Bunches of balloons lined the walkway and backyard – 7 balloons per bunch in red, green and yellow to match the Mexican theme. Latex balloons were used to keep the cost down … but with latex they have to be bought on the day of the party since the helium lasts for no more than 24 hours. See GraduationParty.com’s Balloons webpage for some ideas.
  • Sombreros were strategically placed around the house and outside so guests could wear them if they wanted to. They could even get their pictures taken.
  • Decorating accents like cutouts, swirls and room setters were used to decorate rooms and the deck outside.
  • And, although not really Mexican, tiki torches were used outside to keep the mosquitoes away.

There were some outdoor activities for those guests who don’t like to sit around. Lawn volleyball and bean bag toss games were set up. The teens and kids really enjoyed these. And part way through the party each grad got a chance to break his own pinata filled with candy and other treats.

It was a beautiful day so luckily both inside and outside the house were used. The poster boards and main food area were set up inside. Outside there was lots of seating including rented tables and chairs as well as the outdoor games, pinatas, and a rootbear float area. As a backup, in case it rained, the plan was to go out and buy some tarps. (Other options would be to rent tents or use the garage).

This was a very fun and festive graduation party! Party goers of all ages enjoyed themselves a lot!

1 comment to Mexican Fiesta Graduation Party

  • Marcia Kent

    I went to a party for four boys graduating from high school. They had made lifesize cutouts of the boys and mounted them on lattice at the front door. The boys had name tags on so guests arriving could get an idea of what all four boys looked like.

    They had one large room with the boys photo display boards. They served fried chicken and french fries. Raising Cane’s, the restaurant they hired to cater had brought their portable deep fry equipment, so they cooked the food as they needed it.
    In addition to five regular tables, they had rented those tall tables, like in a bar so people mingled alot. That was good since four families were together. They had a professional photographer taking photos of the grads with all of the various famiy members. I think the boys were very very polite to all of their guests. They also had a bar with a professional bartender. The kids beverages were in a different location. They had customized waterbottles with the each boys photograph on different bottles. The best part was the dj. He played popular older tunes until about 10:00 when he turned to more hip-hop songs.

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