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Tri-Fold Graduation Photo Board

Tri-fold presentation or foam boards are great for displaying photos at your graduation party. They come in a variety of sizes and a few different colors. Bigger ones are better (36″ x 48″ is the best size) as they will hold the most photos. Tri-fold boards can be purchased at any office supply store like Office Depot or Office Max.

Tri-fold Graduation Photo Board

Tri-fold Graduation Photo Board

Most people make one tri-fold graduation board but you can make more if you want. The key is to collect and organize the pictures you want first. Choose fun (and clear) pictures that represent key events in your grad’s life. Once you have your photos selected you’ll have a better idea of how many tri-fold boards you will need. Of course you don’t have put all your photos on tri-fold boards. You could create one tri-fold board and then display the remaining photos in other ways – on regular poster boards, in scrapbooks or under clear plastic tablecloths on your tables. Most people put most of their photos in scrapbooks or photo albums and only keep out enough unique pictures to create one fun and creative tri-fold board.

You don’t have to be super-creative or artsy to make a nice poster board. All it takes is a little time and a few finishing touches. Here are some easy ideas to make your tri-fold poster board pop:

  • Use a colored tri-fold board. Your high school or college colors are always fun. Black and white boards are easy to find. Colored boards are available but they’re a little harder to find. If you can’t find the color you want, don’t worry about it. Use black or white. You can include the colors you want in other ways.
  • Mat each photo with a coordinating color, creating a border around each photo that’s approx 1/4″. For example, if your school colors are red and black, use a black tri-fold board and mat each photo with red paper. Scrapbook stock is best but you can also use construction paper.
  • Include the grad’s name on the board. Use coordinating colors. Include the graduation year too if you want. If you have a scrapbooking store close by you may be able to use their die cuts to cut out the letters for your name and/or year. Most scrapbooking stores let you use their die cuts for free if you purchase the stock or paper from them.
  • Add a picture of the school’s mascot or emblem to the board. 

Your Graduation Photo Board is something you can get started on EARLY. Start looking for all those fun photos. If you’re like most people your photos are scattered all over the house! Pick out your favorites. If you want to put them in your scrapbook or photo album AND put them on your poster board then bring them to your local photo processing store to be duplicated. Start matting your photos and laying them out on your board. Don’t forget to leave room for pictures you will take between now and the graduation party – senior pictures, prom pictures, and graduation pictures.

If you don’t want to create the board too soon then at least start collecting everything for it – the board, pictures, stock for matting, etc, etc. Get the photos you want duplicated done early. Get your digital photos printed. Go to the scrapbook store and get the letters die cut as soon as you can. As you get closer to your party you’ll be thankful you did this early!

Don’t be shy about asking for help if you need it! Delegate the whole thing if you want including the planning. Or if you know what you want and have a plan then delegate the actual work. Maybe your grad can do it? Or perhaps you have a relative or friend who is the creative type and would love to help? This is a great job to do over a cup of coffee!

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