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More Graduation Photo Books

Graduation Photo Books are a great alternative to traditional scrapbooks. They usually have a template that you can use as is or modify any way you want. Most Photo Books start at a minimum of 20 pages but you can add more pages (up to 100 in most cases) at an additional cost per page.

Photo Books come in several sizes, from 5″x7″ up to 12″x12″. You can add multiple photos per page as well as text.

If your photos are already digital – on your computer, on your camera or on CDs – then creating a photo book is fairly easy. Simply find a template you like, upload your photos and then add the photos to the photo book. Some photo books allow you to embellish the pages with digital stickers and other graphics. Most let you add text such as descriptions and headings.

If you have printed photos then you can create digital versions by scanning them yourself or by having them professionally scanned at a local or online photo lab. If you scan your photos yourself, make sure you scan them at the best resolution and biggest size possible. The better the resolution, the clearer the picture will be when it’s printed.

If you don’t want to scan your photos you can always order a blank photo book (one with no photos) and then glue or tape in the printed photos yourself.

A photo book may be more economical to create than a scrapbook especially when you consider the cost of printing your photos and the cost of buying a scrapbook, scrapbook paper and embellishments.

For more information on Photo Books and some online photo labs that offer them go to GraduationParty.com’s Photo Book web page.

Graduation Photo Book

Graduation Photo Book

Graduation Photo Book

Graduation Photo Book

1 comment to More Graduation Photo Books

  • JAA

    Graduation photo books make really good gifts especially if you have pictures going back to the first day of kindergarten. I’m going to make one for my son in a year and a half when we graduates college. I hope he likes it.

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