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Choosing a Date

Picking a date for your graduation party should be one of your first decisions. Check your personal calendar and the school calendar for important end-of-the-year school functions. Although you or your grad may not be involved, some of the people on your invitation list might be.  Check for school sporting events, school concerts, awards ceremonies, and school team or club banquets.  Call your school, coaches and teachers/advisors for information on potential “unscheduled” events.

Warning!!!  Weekends in June are VERY busy. First of all, June weekends are very busy anyway with people starting to do summer things like weekend vacations and going to their cottage.  Second, a lot of people will be having graduation parties on the same weekend as the graduation ceremony.  We want to encourage people to spread out their graduation celebrations … so we can all attend more parties!

Check with you grad’s friends and their parents.  You want to avoid overlapping parties with your grad’s friends.  Otherwise friends will have to choose and not everyone may be able to attend your event.  If your grad has a close friend who’s graduating and if they have the same circle of friends, consider having a joint party. 

Be sure to check with your neighbors, too.  You don’t want to have a graduation party at the same time.  Parking could be a problem!

When you think about the date, also think about if you want to celebrate in the morning, the middle of the day, or the evening.  Morning celebrations are great for brunch-like themes.  Middle of the day parties are good for drop-in, casual open houses.  And evening events are best for a more “party like” celebration. 

We recommend a three-hour window for your celebration.  Two hours is kind of short and four hours can be long.

When choosing a date also think about if any of your guests will be out-of-town guests.  Do they have school age children they might want to bring?  If so, then a date when their school is over might be best.

As soon as you’ve picked a date let your out-of-town family and friends know so they can plan a trip and book any hotels or rentals they might need.  A postcard, save-the-date card, or even a phone call will do.  You will probably follow up with a more formal graduation invitation closer to the date.

Do you want a GREAT turnout?  Then we strongly recommend having your party before graduation.  People are excited to attend the open houses and are not exhausted from going to so many.  You also have a much better chance with caterers and rental companies if you plan a celebration in May instead of June.  However, look out for Memorial Day and, of course, Mother’s Day. The parties that are held in May, before Memorial Day, usually get the best turn-out.

Does your school organize a Baccalaureate service (a nondenominational service)? If so, hosting your party immediately following this service is a great choice. People who attend the service are especially grateful to have a chance to visit with old friends.

Want to save some money?  Schedule your party on the busiest day for other parties.  Many of your guests won’t be hungry!

And here’s another tip just for you … think twice about planning any optional trips around this time.  You don’t want to miss out on other fun parties and activities! 

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