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Who to Invite?

Talk to your graduate! Make sure you agree on who to invite. They will want to invite their friends, but a graduation party is also about celebrating the passage to “adulthood” so encourage them to invite adults too.

Look at your holiday card list. It’s an easy place to start. Take off people you don’t […]

Centerpiece Idea for the Book Worm



Does your graduate love to read? A proud mom of an avid reader celebrated her obsession with these clever, yet simple, centerpieces. She simply gathered up her daughters favorite novels and tied them up with a thick twine and placed them on the table with a couple of colorful objects.

You could consider […]

Peanut Butter and Jelly Buffet

Does your graduate love peanut butter and jelly? This creative mom set up a selection of gourmet peanut butter and jelly/jams. Each one was labeled and small pieces of fresh bread allowed guests to create a few different combinations. The white chocolate peanut butter was the big hit. They kept the bread fresh by […]

Planning a party for twins

Buy 2 identical cakes for your twins.

If you are planning a graduation party for twins you will want to highlight their unique personalities, but be sure to balance the presentation so each one gets the same attention.

I helped my sister plan her twin’s graduation party and it was lots of fun to […]