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Graduation Photo Confetti

Another fun and unique decoration for your graduation party is photo confetti.

You can put it in your invitations and thank you cards. You can sprinkle it on your gift/card table or on the tables where you display your photos. You can sprinkle it on the tables your guests will be sitting at – place […]

Graduation Photo Stamps

Your grad's photo on real postage!

Looking for a unique way to honor your grad? Why not use graduation Photo Stamps on your invitations and thank you cards.

All you need is a digital photo. You can use a graduation photo, school photo, casual photo, family photo, baby picture, or anything you want!


Budgeting for your Graduation Party

When planning a graduation party there are a few things you need to plan and budget for. The amount spent on each item is up to you. Some things may not be important to you so you may decide to skip them altogether. Some things may be very important so you may decide to spend […]

Graduation Cupcakes

A great alternative to a graduation cake is graduation cupcakes.

You can serve a variety of flavors – vanilla, chocolate, marble – or you can serve your favorite.

Decorating cupcakes is easy! If you’re graduating from high school you can use the colors of your high school or you can use the colors of […]

Graduation Water Bottles and Water Bottle Labels

Graduation Water Bottles

A unique way to honor your grad is with personalized water bottles. And since water is one of the most popular beverages to serve at a graduation party (or at any party for that matter) you can cover two things on your to do list with one idea – provide water […]

Scrapbooks for your Graduation Party

Scrapbooks are a great way to display photos at your graduation party. They’re beautiful keepsakes and people love looking through them. But they take time to create and they can be a lot of work. On the other hand, they’re a labor of love and will last forever. If you get started early enough you […]