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Peanut Butter and Jelly Buffet

Does your graduate love peanut butter and jelly? This creative mom set up a selection of gourmet peanut butter and jelly/jams. Each one was labeled and small pieces of fresh bread allowed guests to create a few different combinations. The white chocolate peanut butter was the big hit. They kept the bread fresh by […]

Candy Bar

Glass jars with lots of kid favorites

My friend put together this kid-pleasing candy bar for her son’s graduation party.

The plastic college cups were ordered online from her son’s new college and he selected his favorite candy. To save money, buy the candy in bulk or when it goes on sale. Select your […]

Graduation Cake Pops (& Gluten Free Graduation Cake Pops)

Graduation cakes, graduation cupcakes and now graduation cake pops! The latest trend in graduation desserts.

Graduation Cake Pops

Graduation cake pops are fun and very easy to make! They can be made ahead of time and frozen. They freeze REALLY well.

Some people make them from scratch. Just google “cake pop recipes”. But these […]

Graduation Party Candy Bar

Candy Bars are fun, popular, easy and economical.

Graduation Party Candy Bar

Choose your favorite candy or pick candy in your school or college colors. Some candy ideas include:

M&M’s in your school, college or favorite colors. Or personalized M&M’s with your photo and/or fun sayings. Hershey’s Minis with personalized wrappers. Jelly Belly jelly […]

Chocolate Fountain

A fun and popular item at graduation parties is a chocolate fountain.

Chocolate Fountain

You can rent them at your local rental shop or there may even be a chocolate fountain rental business nearby. You can also buy chocolate fountains but they will likely be smaller in size and won’t be as heavy duty […]

Hire the Ice Cream Truck!

This is one of my all-time favorite grad party ideas. Who doesn’t love the ice cream truck? Memories of running to the curb when hearing that little jingle. It’s music to everyone’s ears.

Hire the Ice Cream Truck

One grad wanted to hang on to that memory one last time before heading off to […]

An Inflatable Tabletop Cooler to keep your cold food cold

When serving food at a party one question many people have is how to keep cold food cold. Some people rent an ice table and in a pevious post we talked about buying an inflatable kiddie pool and filling it with ice.

Recently we came across a new product called French’s Tabletop Cooler. It’s relatively […]

Jelly Belly jelly beans in your school colors

Looking for a fun sweet treat to serve at your graduation party? Why not serve Jelly Belly jelly beans in your school colors? They come in 50 different flavors and almost as many colors.

You can buy 16 oz tubs of each school color and then mix them before your party. Put them in candy […]

Graduation Cupcakes

A great alternative to a graduation cake is graduation cupcakes.

You can serve a variety of flavors – vanilla, chocolate, marble – or you can serve your favorite.

Decorating cupcakes is easy! If you’re graduating from high school you can use the colors of your high school or you can use the colors of […]

Graduation Water Bottles and Water Bottle Labels

Graduation Water Bottles

A unique way to honor your grad is with personalized water bottles. And since water is one of the most popular beverages to serve at a graduation party (or at any party for that matter) you can cover two things on your to do list with one idea – provide water […]